HBC SOLICITORS - https://www.hbc-solicitors.com/

In 2017, Jean-Luc Elhoueiss, in association with Gabor MOLNAR and Kara IRWIN, opened a correspondent office of HBC Avocats in London, "HBC SOLICITORS", which operates as a Solicitor registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. He has himself registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority as a "Registered European Lawyer" and then as a "Registered Foreign Lawyer".


AKKADIAN PARTNERS FUNDS - https://www.akkadianpartnersfunds.com

In 2019, Jean-Luc Elhoueiss founded Akkadian Partners Ltd in London and Akkadian Partners Funds in Luxembourg with his partner, Mathieu BIGOIS, a former banker with Crédit Suisse and Citi. Their aim is to invest in the healthcare sector in companies with complex legal situations.


EASTERN CHRISTIAN ART (L'ART DES CHRETIENS D'ORIENT) - https://citadelles-mazenod.com/product/l-art-des-chretiens-d-orient/

Jean-Luc Elhoueiss has promoted and co-edited a fine work, in the prestigious collection "Art and great civilizations", in partnership with Editions Citadelles & Mazenod, focusing on "Eastern Christian Art", prefaced by himself and written by Raphaëlle Ziadé.

Published in 2022, the book presents a chronological overview of Eastern Christian art, from the Euphrates in Iraq to the Nile in Egypt. The art of the Eastern Christian communities, notably Byzantine, Syriac and Coptic, is presented, through their shared artistic history, before and after the Arab conquest, before and after the conquest by the Seljuk Turks and then after the Ottoman conquest itself. This book echoes the forthcoming opening at the Musée du Louvre of a 9th department dedicated to the "Arts of Byzantium and Christendom in Orient".


THE FOURTH WALL (LE QUATRIEME MUR) - https://le-pacte.com/index.php/france/film/le-quatrieme-mur

Through his young new production company "L'Emissaire de Baal", Jean-Luc Elhoueiss has co-produced a movie, "The Fourth Wall" (Le Quatrième Mur),  which tells the story of the Lebanese civil war in 1982, between visions of Lebanon that are totally opposed and that each community maintains in its relationship to Lebanon and to each other.

These different visions are expressed in pertinent dialogues that reflect, with real depth of analysis, the war of ideologies and the war for places that each community intends to keep within the country. Released in theatres in January 2025, this film adapts Sorj Chalendon's book "The Fourth Wall" (Le Quatrième Mur), which won the "Goncourt des Lycéens" prize in 2013.